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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This story originated here . I am never disappointed going to Seb Cox web site... It will always make you think, and always make your dick hard!

I like having my 8" cock sucked by a real faggot. By that I mean a guy who'll suck me the way I wanna be sucked. What way is that? Well, I like him to get right down on his knees in front of me. Him doing that gets me horny. I like to see him eager to suck. Some faggots are so eager to suck they'll start sniffing the fly of my jeans just to get the scent of cock in their noses! Saying that, some guys like to have a good long sniff at the front of my underpants. Them doing that makes me grin! Some guys start shaking with excitment when I pull out my cock and let them see it. My cock needs a regular sucking to keep it clean and I like to watch and feel the faggot sucking it clean. Before I let a guy suck my cock, I pulled my foreskin right back. Then I ease my cock into the sucker's mouth. These guys never seem to check my cock out first. They just wanna suck it, whatever it's like - mad! Sometimes I've had a hectic wank the night before but deliberately haven't washed my cock before a meet. It just gives me an extra buzz to see whether the sucker will take my cock and, if he does, what his reaction will be. Some guys actually like a cock with 'flavour.' If it's too strong, some guys spit out - but still keep sucking! That's the thing with cocksuckers, they love sucking. Usually I stand while they're doing it, with my hands resting on my hips, with them down on their knees sucking my horny cock like mad. I like to be given a long sucking. Being sucked off isn't like a wank. A wank is quick and vigorous. Whereas a sucking is gentle and slow. I like the fact that the sucker is like my slave. And I'm like his master. He's there to please me - do what I want - suck my horny smelly cock. I like to feel him sucking it. I like to feel his tongue licking over it. I like looking down at him immediately after I've pushed my cock in his mouth and watch his reaction as he starts to suck it clean and is forced to swallow the cock 'curd.' But he's so desperate to get a cock in his mouth and suck that he'll do anything for the privilage. Poor sod! As he sucks my cock, I get more and more tossy. That's the thing about cocksucking - the cocksucker knows that the more he sucks the spunkier the guy's going to get - yet he keeps sucking! I always urge my suckers on. I tell them to keep sucking like: 'Cum on your fucking sucker! Give me a tossing, you faggot bastard!' They like to glance up at you. They love to watch you getting hornier and hornier. When you feel you're gonna cum well, that the best feeling of all - apart from actually cumming, of course. I like to hold back for as long as possible. Knowing that I'm about to give the faggot a huge mouthful is so horny. To make sure he takes it, I hold the back of his head steady with both my hands. The first jet of spunk is the biggest and the longest. That's when the cocksucker really gets fucked. I don't know how they manage to take it - but they always do. I always shoot a massive load out. I guess it's the stimulation they've given me. When I spunk, I deliberately shoot out as much as I can. I want to fill their mouth up. I guess I regard them as filthy bastards who deserve a mouthful of thick sticky spunk. Most cocksuckers gulp it down immediately. I get a kick out of knowing that they're having to taste my spunk. Saying that, quite a few cocksuckers like to keep as much of my spunk in their mouths rather than swallowing it straightaway. Some of them open their mouths and show me - a foamy mixture of saliva and spunk. And they actually like to spend time tasting it before eventually swallowing it. But going back to the question: how do you like your cock sucked? I like the real faggots the best - who, before sucking my cock, will thoroughly lick round my balls and groin and (dare I say it?) give my anus a really good licking including pushing their tongues right up my arse - some will even suck at it! After that treat, my cock definately needs sucking off! Carl

Monday, April 19, 2010

Totally Abused

While at my local watering hole the other day, I ran into a true Alpha Male who didn't even ask before he started abusing me. 6' 8", 300 lbs of pure Daddy-Beef, I couldn't take my eyes off of him. As he was a total exhibitionist, he knew I was staring at him. The bar was pretty quiet... one of those early afternoon drinking days that I love. We were situated in such a way that we could do quite a bit of flashing and groping without the bartender even knowing what was going on. Of course, he did know what was going on anyway and I'm sure he was getting turned on.
first I saw that my Alpha-Man had pulled the waist band of his shorts down and was hanging out a huge cock with heavy hanging nuts with a PA that looked like a pad lock going through the huge head of his dick. Now I was getting hard as I stared at him playing with his cock head under the bar. Without asking, he collected up a big wad of pre-cum and just stuck it in my mouth... I licked it up and reached out to get some more on my own.
"How does that taste, boy? he said in a gruff voice that made me weak in the knees, which is exactly where I wanted to be. We talked to each other and with others in the bar as I slurped down his sweet lube.
I had unbuttoned my shorts and let them start to slide down as I sat on the bar stool. If I hadn't been wearing shorts, my hole would have been completely exposed hanging off the back of the stool. When my Alpha Man noticed my crack hanging over the side, he told me to pull my shorts down further so he could see my cunt. I did as i was told and my hole was spread and there for all to see if they walked behind us. He reached behind me  and lubed my hole up with his pre-cum, then plunged his thick finger all the way up. I was getting lightheaded from the excitement of being butt-raped in a local bar with my pants down around my ankles, without a single person even knowing what was going on.
"Get down on the ground now and open your mouth-hole. I slid down under the bar and turned around just in time for his massive cock to be stuffed down my throat. Now people were starting to get what was going on, but nobody said a word, not even the bartender. They could here me gagging and slobbering on his dick now and every once in a while the sound of the back of my head hitting the bar.
He pumped and pumped until he released his thick load of jizm down my throat. The bar was now all twitterpaited as the smell of his cum filled the air and his grunts and groans finally made it clear to everyone what was going on.
He put his dick back in his shorts and looked down at me under the bar and smiled... "Good little cocksucker boy" he said as he waved his good-byes tot he bar and walked out.
I composed myself a bit and got back on to my stool to the shit-eating grins of the other customers and the jealous, annoyed look from the bartender.
A few other guys came by thinking that I was going to do the same for them, but if you really want me to do something, it's not asking that makes it happen.  It's when a man knows what he wants and just makes me give it to him.
GAS to the bar ... $3.00
PITCHER of beer ... $6.50
GAME of pool ... $1.00
Getting BUTT-RAPED and FACE-FUCKED sitting on a dirty bar room floor with your pants around your ankles ... Priceless!

(Note: the pic with this story is not of the guy I met {I'm hoping to get some of those soon}. The amazing dick in this pic is from a guy who calls himself Scottishbeef... and man oh man is it ever BEEF!)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mouth Fuck

Nice big mean Daddy Fucking a very lucky girls mouth
Hot blonde in bondage fucked in mouth hole

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Garg Took Over

Every once in a while Garg takes over my body and can cause all kinds of havoc. yesterday, he took over and caused me suddenly to need to find the nearest place to suck cock, drop to my knees and suck what ever I can out a fat hard cock.
I went to a nearby peep-show booth place and started working my way around in the dark corners. So often with this kind of stuff, peoples hesitation and timidness can be a horrible frustration. All it takes is for one person to just kneel down in front of anyone and start going town to get thing going. Once that happens, you can really look around for what it is you want.
so I knelt down in front of a guy who looked pretty hot and waited to see if he was into it... he was and soon his cock was out and I was slobbering and sucking down his cock and licking his nuts as other started to watch and still others started doing their own thing. I kept on sucking as he started saying, "oh Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck." and with that he shot a whopper load down my throat. I didn't even have time to think about it, he just shot of like a machine gun.
At that point the main event started... I can always tell when a straight guy comes in. A hot little fireplug of a man came walking in. He was wearing a Dickies mechanic uniform and had his fat, like steel, dick sticking straight out of his pants. he didn't hem or haw about anything, he just started looking around for a warm mouth to stick his cock into. And there I was, just wiping the jizz off my stache from the last cock I sucked. He stuffed it in his mouth to give it a little test drive. He pulled out, backed up and bent over to say very quietly, but very forcefully, "Watch your teeth and there wont be any trouble here." My dick stiffened right away as he stood back up and started pumping my head like it was a melon. That's what I like about straight men... no fucking around, just get right ot fucking my mouth.
His cock was really fat with a slight up turn which made it a challenge to keep my teeth out of the way. I opened as wide as I could and let him pump away into my throat. His nuts were fat and heavy and really pulled up tight. I couldn't get them in my mouth and went back to trying to swallow that fat fucker without making him mad about any teeth issues. He seemed to have no complaints as he kept on fucking my sloppy cunt mouth with his meat. I started to taste some pre-cum. From the way this guy was so ready for business, I figured it wouldn't be long now. Good thing because my jaw was really getting a good work out. He started to thrust harder then grabbed the back of my head and stuffed it all the way down my throat and let loose with a firehose of jizz that I could feel with every pulse down my throat... as he slowed up he pulled out and continued to fertilize my face and mouth with his never ending load of sweet, thick, tasty cum.
I stayed there trying to lick it all up, but he just stuffed his dick back in in his pants and left me kneeling there with jizz rolling down my chin. Straight guys just turn me on

Monday, November 16, 2009