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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Locker Room Towel Boy

As a young man, I got a job at local gym as a locker room towel boy. I really took the job because I got a free gym membership and I loved to go work out at this particular gym because it was no frills and smelled of testosterone and jizz, and had a reputation of having the hottest men. The guys who went there were serious about their workouts, but they were just as serious about the showers, steam room, locker room and out-of-the-way-alcove activities.

As the towel boy, I was responsible for making sure there were fresh towels, general clean-up, the soap dispensers were full in the shower room... things like that.
I didn't really do much to be honest. I had time to study and read, but mostly I got a fucking eyeful of man meat. I dispensed towels and locker keys from a storage room that had a big window into the showers. Guys would come by the half door and I would take their membership card and give them a towel and a key. behind that room was the laundry room which was more shut off from view. During my forst month working their I discovered several interestingly placed holes in the wall that gave me a view of darkened halls and bathrooms. It was through those holes in the wall and that window to the shower room that I gained quite a fucking education.

From my perch I could check out all the beef that would come in. They all seemed to enjoy showing off something in some way or another.

Some guys were more or less my age. They seemed to want to show off their hot ass in a jock strap... walking around the locker room knowing that other guys (or I) were checking them out. Some guys liked to wave their fat cocks around. The locker room was always warm and humid and allowed for that extra hangage and added swing.

I noticed that there were times when things got more free=wheeling... like later on Friday or Saturday night. I would get a glimpse of some beefy man with one leg up on a bench for what was way longer than it took to dry off his foot, with his ass spread open, winking at everyone who went by.
There was also a lot of "grab-ass" going on in the locker room. Men hootin' and hollerin', snapping each other with towels or pulling shorts down... rough-housing... cutting-up, those kind of things. Some times there would be a full on wrestling match right there in the shower between two bulls.

The first uncut cock I ever saw was through that window to the locker room. this particular guy loved showing his beautiful fat cock off to me. I realized that the more I made it obvious that I was checking him out the more he would show me.

Once I was looking through one of the holes in the wall and I could see him jacking his fat, uncut cock. He knew I was watching and it turned him on more. He pumped his fist up and down his dick 'till it shot a huge load all over the bathroom mirror.

I learned a lot about men from watching them interact in the locker room. It was like being a nature observer. Observing male silver-back gorillas in it's natural habitat. The only difference was that men came in so many shapes and sizes. there were really big men with muscled hairy asses and small cocks. There were skinny, younger guys with hardly any meat on their bones with gargantuan swinging richards. There were guys with small cocks and huge bull-balls (all potatoes, no meat) and men with thick fat pipes and hardly any balls at all (all meat, no potatoes). and of course their were those guys that seemed to have it all. Hairy, testosterone-filled bodies with big thick hands and feet, cock and balls that would slap back and forth between their legs as they walked naked to the shower, hard chiseled asses with nice pink puckered holes that just begged to be licked and sucked. Those guys would get a whole locker room stirred up, and I would end up jacking my meat looking through a hole in the wall as other were doing the same thing.

Then there were those special nights when all hell seemed to break loose. I could hear flesh slapping and grunting and groaning going on in the darker places of the locker room. the bathroom stalls seemed to heave with breath and sweat and cum. It was on these night that I would forget about looking though holes in the walls and go back to the dark, humid corners and take part in the male-bonding rituals. there would be guys jacking their cocks sitting on the toilets and standing in the corners getting their dicks sucked off.

The glory holes between the stalls were filled with hard cocks and wet, hungry mouths sucking loudly to the rhythm of groans and sighs.

It was on those special nights that I would have to walk back to my towel room covered from head to toe in thick cum from the multiple loads I would have shot at my face.
I certainly didn't make very much money at this job and eventually I had to move on, but without a doubt, my favorite job of all time would have to be my couple of years as a Locker room Towel boy.


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